Related PhD Schools

Graduate School Life and Health Sciences

The PhD School of Life and Health Sciences includes all PhD programmes with medical scientific-related research interests, both general and clinical - applicative research.

The School consists of six PhD programmes covering the main medical research fields:
- PhD in Biomolecular Medicine;
- PhD in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer;
- PhD in Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences;
- PhD in Applied Life and Health Sciences;
- PhD in Clinical and Experimental Biomedical Sciences;
- PhD in Cardiovascular Science.

The main purpose of the PhD School of Life and Health Sciences is to achieve educational goals in common with other PhD programmes and, whenever possible, Schools. This will be achieved through:
* managing common educational activities for different programmes aimed at improving language and IT-related skills, as provided for by the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR); managing research and promoting knowledge of European and International research systems; dissemination of intellectual property results and research outcomes;
* programming educational activities of the School and the acknowledgment of the educational credits of the PhD programmes;
* defining deadlines and necessary modalities to achieve the PhD degree;
* advanced training in research methods, with special attention for multi-disciplinary projects by doing the following:
a) paying specific attention to the international dimension of training activities promoted by the School;
b) funding PhD’s international mobility projects;
c) promoting exchange agreements with European and Non-European universities and research institutes, also in view of future postdoctoral collaborations;
d) organising lectures, seminars, laboratories and Summer Schools in order to develop competencies and knowledge of inter-disciplinary and methodological kind;
e) validating CFUs obtained by attending conferences and scientific seminars organised by professors of the University of Verona in the several subject areas of the School.

Graduate School Natural Sciences and Engineering

The Doctoral School on Natural and Engineering Sciences is inherently multidisciplinary and embraces PhD courses in Computer Science, Biotechnologies, and Nanosciences and Applied Technologies.

The Doctoral School has the mission of promoting high quality science training through:

1) Cross-fertilization in natural sciences through discipline-specific courses, Lectio Magistralis, Summer Schools and Winter Schools, Workshops etc., taught and led by experts in the corresponding discipline, who are internationally renowned researchers [or: scholars];

2) Internationalization, mobility programs, agreement with foreign top-level institutions and courses in foreign languages;

3) Training on reporting of scientific findings as articles and conference presentations;Training in fundraising and writing grant applications, of dissemination of research outcomes; Acquisition of soft skills required for strategically developing and successfully pursuing a career in the academia.