Ethics and law of innovation biomedicine

The activities of the ethical-juridical area of the Department revolve around the Research Center Meletes — Medicine, Ethics, Law, Environment, Technology and Society. They focus on the multifold impact of new technologies, especially in the medical field: biomedical robotics, medical AI, and the therapeutical use of biotechnologies (precision medicine, bioengineering, regenerative medicine). However, in doing so it does neglect other topics inextricably bound to them, notably: • The question of governance and regulation, with a focus on AI and the consequences for the paradigms of juridical autonomy and responsibility. • The social and political impact of new technologies (human rights, respect of human dignity). • The questions of animal experimentation and the efforts to overcome it, and environment. • The radical change in the patient-physician relation due to the progressive introduction of robotic and artificial components. • The need to rethink according to the principles of equity and justice the way resources are allocated to the health sector for care and research purposes.
Carlo Chiurco
Associate Professor
Mirko Faccioli
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Etica e diritto della biomedicina di innovazione
Bioethics Carlo Chiurco
Reflecting on the nature and meaning of bioethics: the principles of bioethics and the limits of principialism - Beyond the autonomy principle. New forms of bioethics: Henk ten Have and global bioethics. Medical bioethics. Ethics of biotechnologies.
Conditional Transactions Mirko Faccioli
Contracts and obligations subject to condition, with particular regard to the state of pendency
Consumer Law Mirko Faccioli
Private law and consumer rights
Applied ethics Carlo Chiurco
Fundamental principles: the dignity of human person, personal rights, relation as the focus of being human, the question of responsibility. Ethical perspectives in comparison: axiology, consequentialism, virtue ethics. Scopes of application: medicine, biotechnologies, AI, ethics of animal experimentation, environmental ethics. The impact of new technologies on the meaning of being human and our living in society.
Ethics of AI Carlo Chiurco
The question of the moral subjectivity of machines. Ethical, social and political implications of AI. The question of how to govern and regulate AIs.
State Registry and Marital Status Mirko Faccioli
Registration of juridical acts regarding filiation and marriage
Medical Liability Mirko Faccioli
Civil liability of doctors and health facilities for damages resulting from medical malpractice as well as for the injury of the patient's right to self-determination
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Etica e diritto della biomedicina di innovazione