In and out blood-brain barrier endothelia (3B PASSPORT)

Data inizio
15 aprile 2009
Durata (mesi) 
Ingegneria per la medicina di innovazione
Responsabili (o referenti locali)
Bentivoglio Marina , Constantin Gabriela , Fabene Paolo , Laudanna Carlo

The project will generate novel fundamental knowledge on how signalling within and between the different components of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) can regulate its permeability in health and disease and will investigate methods and their transport mechanisms to improve drug delivery through BBB endothelia into the brain parenchyma, including the identification of a new tool.
In this context, 3B PASSPORT has the following specific objectives:
A) To characterize endothelial signal transduction controlling BBB permeability
B) To investigate mechanisms of altered BBB permeability in neurological diseases

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Programma: EUROPA - Progetti Europei

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Paolo Fabene
Professore ordinario
Carlo Laudanna
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