Automatic process control for energy saving and resource recovery in waste water management

Starting date
March 28, 2014
Duration (months)
Computer Science, Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine
Managers or local contacts
Farinelli Alessandro
waste-water treatment, artificial intelligence, embedded systems

Development of automation technology and process control for waste-water treatment plants that allow to minimize the environmental and economical impact of system while making visible to the end users the role of the plant. In particular, the scientific / technological objectives of this project are: i) development of a system for the management and monitoring of the treatment plant, based on artificial intelligence techniques, assessing the environmental sustainability of treatment plants ( through Life Cycle Assessment techniques that operate in real time); ii) development and implementation of IT infrastructures for data acquisition, transmission, storage and presentation of data; iii) deployment and evaluation of the system on waste water treatment plants.

Project participants

Alessandro Farinelli
Full Professor
Francesco Fatone
Riccardo Muradore
Associate Professor
Giovanni Perbellini
Scholarship holder
Davide Quaglia
Associate Professor
Walter Vendraminetto
Scholarship holder