3D Anatomical Human 3D Anatomical Functional Models for the Human Musculoskeletal System (Marie Curie ESTERNO)

Starting date
October 1, 2006
Duration (months)
Computer Science, Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine
Managers or local contacts
Giachetti Andrea

CRS4 is responsible for the financial management of this project.

The objective of this research and training network is to increase the development of technologies and knowledge around virtual representations of human body for interactive medical applications. The network has a specific goal: developing realistic functional 3D models for the human musculoskeletal system, the methodology being demonstrated on the lower limb. CRS4 contributes to the network in the areas of biological soft tissue modeling, visualization, and user interaction.


Unione Europea
Funds: assigned and managed by an external body
Syllabus: EUROPA - Progetti Europei

Project participants

Andrea Giachetti
Full Professor
Research areas involved in the project
Sistemi intelligenti
Computer graphics