Laboratory of Clinica Chemistry, Hematology and Clinical Molecular Biology

Two sub-laboratories are available "Clinical Experimental Pathology" and "Clinical Research”), which perform in vivo and in vitro studies on pre- analytical variability, immunochemistry, cytofluorimetry, aggregometry, microscopy and molecular biology. The Section has participated and still participates in many national and international research projects, and is a reference center for the evaluation of new laboratory technologies and for the clinical validation of biomarkers used for prevention, diagnosis and therapy. The Section also participates in Phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials involving departments of the Verona University Hospital and other international structures. Teaching activity: The Section is involved in the lessons included within the study plan of the Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Degree Courses in Dentistry, the Degree Course in Bioinformatics and Medical Biotechnologies, in the Degree Courses of Health Professions and in Schools of specialization. Clinical activity: Rationally divided between the two structures belonging to the two Hospitals, the Operative Unit uses the latest generation of diagnostic technologies for performing routine tests (clinical chemistry, coagulation, blood count, urinalysis, therapeutic drug monitoring), specialized tests (endocrinology, oncology), second and third level analyses (for example for diagnosis of hemorrhagic diseases, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, hemoglobinopathies, prenatal diagnosis), molecular and genetic biology testing . Recently, the acquisition of new instrumentation to perform genomics, pharmacogenomics and proteomics analysis has been completed, with a view to overcoming the classical diagnosis and treatment approach with a new patient-centered clinical vision in which, using specific analyzes, the individual profile of the subject is analyzed (personalized medicine).

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