The Engineer: The Professional of the Future

The Engineer is a professional who applies mathematical, physical, chemical, and computer science knowledge to technical procedures for the design, implementation, and management of systems.

The design of a system requires integrating hardware, software, materials and nanomaterials, sensors and actuators, mechanical components, etc. with specific skills and knowledge of the application sector in which the system is used.

A system becomes intelligent when it is able to:

  • Analyze the surrounding environment
  • Learn knowledge over time
  • Decide on a rational action plan

Training for the future: all engineering products tend and will tend to become intelligent systems and the training of engineers must be up to this evolution.

The University of Verona wants to train the engineer of the future and for this reason has established the new Department of Engineering for Innovative Medicine (DIMI) with the aim of specializing teaching and research towards intelligent systems for the Industry and HealthCare 4.0 sectors.

  • Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by the use of digital and advanced technologies for the production of goods and services. Key technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), advanced robotics, and cloud computing.
  • HealthCare 4.0 is the application of Industry 4.0 technologies to the healthcare sector. The aim is to improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services. Key technologies include telemedicine, surgical robotics, genomics and personalized medicine.

DIMI Educational Offer

DIMI's educational offer is consistent with this trend as it trains engineers capable of designing intelligent systems in industrial and biomedical fields through:

and by:

Furthermore, the doctor of the future will have to interact more and more with Intelligent Systems and DIMI wants to train him/her through:

In short, DIMI is the department where Industry and Healthcare 4.0 merge for the training of the engineer and doctor of the future.

Furthermore, DIMI members support:

  • Single-cycle degree in Medicine (class LM-41)
  • Healthcare degrees (L/SNT and LM/SNT)
  • Bachelor's degree in Science in Sports and Well-being (LM-68 Interuniversity)
  • Master's degree in Bioengineering for Personalized Medicine (LM-21 Interuniversity with Trento and ModenaReggio)
  • Master's degree in Bioengineering for Innovative Medicine (LM-21 Interuniversity with Trento and ModenaReggio)

and participate extensively in the various Specialization Schools activated at the University for the following areas:

DIMI also coordinates the PhD in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer and proposes the activation of an International PhD in Precision Oncology in collaboration with the University of Glasgow and the International Cancer Genome Consortium - Accelerating Research in Genomic Oncology (ICGC-ARGO), of which the Pathological Anatomy and Oncology are founding members together with the research center ARC-Net.

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