Factoryal s.r.l
FACTORY Abstraction Layer - proposes a modular software architecture that maximizes the use of data to fill the automation gap of current manufacturing industries. Its products do not aim to replace technologies already integrated into production systems, but to be complementary to them, adding modeling capabilities, automatic synthesis and dynamic reconfiguration totally based on Service Oriented Manufacturing (SOM) which tends to Industry 5.0.
Humatics s.r.l.
HUMATICS Srl is an innovative start-up and also a spin-off of the University of Verona: all of its founders worked in the Dept. of Computer Science, and the products stems from the research work made by the team inside the VIPS lab (Vision, Image Processing & Sounds). HUMATICS Srl was founded on February 29, 2016 with the aim to sell software in the field of human computer interaction, including interactive software that are usable on the widest range of devices that support and facilitate human activities.
Needleeye Robotycs lavora nell’ambito della robotica avanzata basata su AI applicata in particolare all’ambito chirurgico.